3M Peltor MT73H7A4610NA LiteCom Plus Headset - Two-Way Radio Ear Muffs (NRR 27)

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LiteCom Plus: Hearing Protection with Built-In Two-Way Radio (FRS Channels) 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus Headsets are 2-Way Communications Electronic Ear Muffs that feature level dependent surround sound via two mics on the ear cups that let you safely hear what is going on around you, plus a built-in two way radio, a noise canceling boom mic, and dual action speech control via your choice of push-to-talk (PTT) and/or voice operation (VOX). 22 FRS channels. Designed to integrate into your existing 2-way radio system, work with your FRS radios, or as a stand-alone communications system, LiteCom Plus offers a low-cost alternative to other high noise 2-way radio communications systems. MFG#: MT73H7A4610NA
3M ID: 7100229187
UPC: 07318640071117 This is the Replacement for the MT7H7A4610-NA. The MT73H7A4610NA is the replacement for the MT7H7A4610-NA. So if you're looking for the correct/official MT7H7A4610-NA replacement, the MT73H7A4610NA is the right LiteCom Plus Headset model for you. Note that there have been a few changes from the previous model that should be noted here. Most importantly, the new LiteCom Plus Headset has FRS radio channels only, with no BRS support. (If you need support for BRS frequencies, please see the LiteCom PRO III.) Less critical but still significant, the NRR on the new model of earmuffs is better: NRR 27 as opposed to the earlier 25-26. The 3M Peltor LiteCom Plus Headset is ideal for enabling communication within a work group in a high noise environment. An excellent radio solution for manufacturing, construction, crane operation, equipment maintenance, and any other hazardously noisy application, from a major trusted worldwide brand. See Also
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