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Slic Sound (Titron Media)

SlicSound is designed by leading audiologists from the UK and US, renowned world-wide for customized ear monitors and hearing protection solutions.  SlicSound add-ons transform the performance of your in-ear headphones or cellular headset. Simply slip the SlicSound add-ons onto any basic pair of earbud-style earphones, and listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard.  SlicSound add-ons make your earbuds comfortable enough to wear for hours, and they can even help keep your earphones from falling out -- all while enhancing the quality of the sound you hear.

SlicSound is a universal add-on to standard in-earphones, acoustically engineered to deliver sound from the earbud speakers into the ear canal.  This means that even a cheap pair of earbud-style earphones can bring you clearer and fuller sound.  With retained dynamic range and a background-noise-reducing design, and SlicSound addons actually let you turn down your normal listening volume while actually hearing your music more clearly -- and that means your mp3 or CD-player batteries actually last longer.

SlicSound add-ons and SlicSound Headsets are available in mass quantities, discounted exclusively for resale. To learn more about becoming a SlicSound reseller, .