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Sound + Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System™ by ASTI, provides a unique set of features and capabilities making the Sound + Sleep™ a powerful tool for helping you get the deep and refreshing sleep you crave.

The heart of the Sound + Sleep™ is its unique adaptive sound feature and the use of varying complexity Soundstory sounds. The ten user-selectable sounds can each be adjusted by choosing from three levels of richness. For example, on the lowest richness setting the Ocean setting will simply include the soothing sound of waves. By increasing the richness setting to level two, Sound + Sleep™ will add an occasional fog horn or barking sea lion off in the distance, and at level three richness, these accent sounds will be presented more frequently to add realism and variety to the Soundstory.

The adaptive sound feature of Sound + Sleep™ lets the machine actively respond to changes in the noise level present in your sleeping room. When your Sound + Sleep™ machine hears (through an onboard microphone) the volume of noise in the room has increased, the Sound + Sleep™ increases both the volume of the Soundstory that is currently playing, as well as increasing the richness level of that Soundstory. When the noise level falls, so does the volume and richness settings of the Soundstory, automatically. Adaptive sound can be turned on or off to meet your preferences. When off, the Soundstory will play continuously at the volume and richness settings you have chosen.

In a really nice touch, Sound + Sleep™ has a display on/off button that lets you turn off all the indicator lights so they do not interfere with your sleep. With the display off, simply pushing any button will turn them all back on for a few seconds so you can make any adjustments you want and then the lights will turn back off automatically.

Sound + Sleep™ Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System™ Features and Benefits:

  • Ten user-selectable sounds: Waterfall, Fireplace, Ocean, Meadow, Train, City, Rainfall, Brook, Meditation and White Noise.
  • High quality engineered sounds and large speaker deliver an enjoyable listening experience.
  • Each sound can be enriched at three levels: low, medium and high. Richness settings add more or fewer accent sounds such as thunder during Rainfall, or a distant foghorn during Ocean, to reduce any sense of repetition, and to increase the realism of the Soundstory.
  • Up and down volume buttons for easy volume adjustments, even in the dark.
  • With adaptive sound control on, Sound + Sleep™ listens to the volume of noise in the bedroom and responds to louder sounds by increasing the volume and richness of the Soundstory currently playing, and automatically reduces these back down as the volume of noise decreases.
  • Five automatic off timer settings: 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute auto off delay, or continuous play.
  • Display off button, lets you turn off all the display light indicators once you have everything set the way you want it. This eliminates the "night light" effect when you want it completely dark.
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone or pillow speaker jack lets you listen without disturbing your sleeping partner. Plugging in turns off the onboard speaker.
  • Powered by plugging into a standard electrical outlet. Comes with North American style plug but with the addition of a plug adapter (not included) the unit can be used with any 120-240 volt systems (50-60 Hz).
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty.
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