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NoNoise A.O. Alcohol Cleaning Fluid for Non-Electronic Custom Plugs and Molds (50ml Spray Bottle)

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Keeping your reusable ear plugs clean between uses is critical for two reasons. First, proper cleaning keeps your custom plugs, custom ear molds, or reusable NoNoise ear plugs hygienic and safe. Second, frequent gentle cleaning ensures that your hearing protection fits properly and provides its full noise reduction benefits -- which in turn can greatly increase the useful lifespan of your ear plugs. This NoNoise Cleaning Fluid was designed especially for the NoNoise line of reusable ear plugs. However, custom ear plugs and other reusable earplugs can also be effectively cleaned with this fluid, to remove earwax, dust and small debris. Note: Do not use cleaning fluid with electronic ear pieces (hearing aids, in-ear earphones, etc.) Not for use with foam, wax, or moldable ear plugs. More NoNoise Ear Plugs: