Mutt Muffs - Replacement Ear Seals

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These are replacement ear seals for Mutt Muffs Ear Muffs for Dogs. Mutt Muffs ear seals are made of a thermoformed vinyl outer surface, filled with polyester foam. The foam is high quality, of the same type that is used in military headsets, so you know these are quality ear seals that will keep your four-legged friend comfortable and safe. The seals are soft, smooth, comfortable, and effective at keeping sound out. When the seals become cracked or dirty (or chewed up...) replacing them is recommended to ensure the Mutt Muffs are properly protecting your pet from harmful and distressingly loud noises. Keep man's best friend safe with Mutt Muffs - and keep your Mutt Muffs in great condition with these replacement parts. No need to get a new set of earmuffs for your dog when a replacement part can make your Mutt Muffs like new again, saving you money. See Also
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