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Mack's Pro Rinse Earwax Removal System

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Mack's® fast-acting ear drops target earwax and foam on contact, helping to soften, loosen and break up hardened or impacted earwax. The kit features a Steady-Flow Bellow Syringe with a unique Tri-Stream Rinse Tip for a safer, more complete, and multi-directional rinse. The kit also includes a rinse tub with a concave side to fit snugly against your head, and Mack's® Aquablock® Earplugs to comfortably and securely hold the drops in your ears, allowing you to move about while treatment is underway. This is a great kit with everything you need, for no-compromise ear care. With the Mack's ProRinse System, you get the most complete earwax removal kit available! How to Use Mack's® ProRinse™ Earwax Removal System For even more information read our guide: How to Safely Remove Earwax. You May Also Like