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Health Enterprises ACU-LIFE Impact Music and Concert Ear Plugs

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Impact Music and Concert Ear Plugs from Health Enterprises are special-purpose hearing protectors designed to allow low level sounds that aren't harmful to hearing to pass through and reach the ear canals, while blocking out loud, dangerous noises. Because Impact ear plugs let safe sounds pass through with little attenuation, these earplugs are excellent for music listening at clubs and concerts, as well as for general use around the home and shop. With Impact ear plugs in place, you can still hear quite well, but when a sudden spike in sound level strikes the valve body inside the ear plugs, the acoustic valve closes instantly, preventing the dangerous sound waves from entering your ear.

Impact Noise Reducing Ear Plug Features:
+ Improves listening pleasure by freely allowing safe sound levels to enter your ear.
+ Vented to eliminates the ‘plugged up' feeling common with solid earplugs.
+ By automatically closing when struck by a dangerous sound wave, the internal acoustic valves eliminate the pain that can come from loud impact music.
+ 18NRR, which means safe sounds pass through the valve with little distortion.