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Flare Audio ISOLATE MiNi Aluminum Solid Metal Ear Plugs (SNR 35)

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ISOLATE MiNi Solid Metal Micro Ear Protectors - Features
  • Provides hearing protection, prevents hearing damage
  • Blocks direct sound from entering your ears, including bass frequencies
  • Reduces noise levels, allowing you to hear details through sound bone conduction
  • Low-profile design, great for concerts, gigs, and clubs
  • Comes with three pairs of EARFOAMS ear tips: extra small, small, and medium
  • Crowdfunded with overwhelming success on Kickstarter
  • New MiNi size is designed for smaller ears
  • SNR 35 protection from noise
Why Do Your Ears Ring After a Concert? Your ears depend on delicate hair cells in the inner ear. Their job is to convert sound waves that enter the ear into electrical impulses the brain can understand. When you're exposed to hazardously loud noises, those hair calls can become damaged. Think of it like walking on fresh, green grass: someone walking slowly will bend those blades of grass, but the grass will spring right back up. But the harder you stomp on the grass, and the more frequently you run over it, the more likely it is that the grass can't recover, and simply dies. So it is when your ears take in dangerously loud noise: those the louder the noise, and the more frequent the exposure, the worse the damage to those tiny hair cells becomes. This is noise-induced hearing loss. This is permanent. That ringing in your ears is your warning sign. The Science Behind ISOLATE At a concert, you need to protect yourself from taking in too much noise. But you also want to be able to clearly hear the music. Traditional ear plugs can muffle sound so you can't hear the details; they can also skew sound, blocking some frequencies more effectively than others, so the balance is off and the sound quality is poor. With ISOLATE, the sound quality remains clear. Here's how it works. When you wear ISOLATE ear plugs, all sound entering the ear canals is blocked. The patent-pending solid metal core of ISOLATE won't conduct sound: the metal is too dense for sound waves to penetrate. Instead, sound is reflected away, creating a sonic barrier that prevents all direct noise from entering the ears. In fact, the only way sound can travel to your ears with ISOLATE ear plugs in them is via bone conduction! Even when your ear canals are completely blocked, sound still travels through the bones in your skull and into your inner ears. ISOLATE actually harnesses your own body's sound conduction capabilities, allowing you to hear safely with more definition. Wearing ISOLATE, what you hear is balanced and detailed sound, delivered via bone conduction, while your ears stay protected from dangerously loud noise. You'll still be able to safely hear every voice, every instrument, and every note. About ISOLATE MiNi Aluminum ISOLATE MiNi Solid Aerospace Aluminium is both strong and lightweight, making it an obvious choice for ISOLATE's solid metal core. ISOLATE MiNi Aluminum is anodized and available in a variety of finishes and colors. The MiNi size is designed especially for smaller ears. ISOLATE MiNi EARFOAMS come in extra small, small, and medium. Size: stem diameter - 2.5mm | body diameter - 7mm
Weight: 1.43g
SNR: 35
The ISOLATE Family
  • ISOLATE is made from aluminum, and ISOLATE PRO is made from titanium. ISOLATE PRO offers slightly more protection from sound. The PRO is also slightly heavier than the aluminum version.
  • Each of these models also has a MiNi version available: ISOLATE MiNi Aluminum, and ISOLATE PRO MiNi Titanium. These are smaller and lighter than the originals, designed for smaller ears.
  • EARFOAM replacement foam ear tips are available for both regular and MiNi models: regular EARFOAMS and MiNi EARFOAMS.
Use ISOLATE For...
  • Concerts and Clubs - cut the noise, preserve the sonic details
  • Undisturbed Sleeping - isolate from neighbors, snoring, and traffic
  • Traveling - stay serene planes, trains, and automobiles
  • Motorcycles - small enough to wear under your helmet in complete comfort
  • Also great for other motorsports, working, and more
Manufactured in new Zealand. More from Flare Audio