InEarZ Sport BigShots Digital Hunting Hearing Aids w/ Sound Compression and Enhancement (NRR 29) (1 Pair w/Accessories)

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BigShots Electronic Ear Plugs Key Features:
  • Provides NRR 29 noise protection
  • Amplifies low sounds up to 5x normal for "bionic" hearing
  • Allows you to hear the complete soundscape at a safe maximum of 92 dB.
  • Multi-Memory lets you toggle among 4 included functions
  • Amplification volume is user-controllable
  • WindBlocker™ and Hydroguard™ deliver superior outdoor performance
  • Takes 312 size battery
  • Comply™ foam tips in 3 sizes
When it comes to shooting and hunting, you want more than a standard pair of ear plugs. You want to be protected from gunfire impulse sounds, but you still want to be able to hear voices and other low level sounds around you. Enter BigShots Electronic Ear Plugs: The Sound Choice™ in Hearing Protection. Sound Amplification + Situational Awareness
BigShots amplifies surrounding low level sounds, such as voices and prey noise, with up to 25dB of gain -- that's 5x normal volume. This amplification is 100% digital, boosted by medical-grade circuitry that ensures top-quality sound. You will hear better with the BigShots electronic ear plugs in your ears than you would while wearing no ear plugs at all. Additionally, BigShots solves many common problems with in-ear amplification. The WhistleBlocker™ eliminates buzzing and whistling sound artifacts, while the WindBlocker™ system reduces wind noise outdoors. Special Speech Enhancement circuitry helps enhance speech understanding even in difficult environments, while Layered Noise Reduction reduces background noise, even in noisy industrial environments. Four user-selectable listening modes are available: Regular Noise Compression and Enhancement, Noise Compression and Enhancement plus Telecoil input, Telecoil input only, and Mute. With a tap on the function button on each earpiece, you can instantly change the function to suit your situation. With BigShots' clear, enhanced hearing capabilities, you can maintain the Situational Awareness you need to stay safe and aware while shooting, hunting, or working in dangerously loud environments. Big Protection, Big Comfort, Small Design
BigShots provide a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 for protection in continuous noise environments up to 114 dB. This level of protection is adequate for all outdoor hunting, and most outdoor range practice. For all indoor practice and for outdoor practice with large caliber weapons, dual protection is highly recommended. Even when you wear ear muffs over your BigShots, the amplification provided by BigShots will enable you to hear the range officer while your hearing remains fully protected. BigShots use top quality Comply Brand foam ear tips that are available in three sizes to fit most people comfortably for all day wear. Note: If you are seeking the absolute perfect fit, you can go for the Full Custom version here. The earpieces themselves are very lightweight, so they won't fatigue your ears or trap heat the way electronic shooter's earmuffs with comparable features can, especially outdoors in the sun. The BigShots low-profile, ITC (in the canal) design means they will not interfere with your favorite headgear or even full face respirators. And when the weather turns ugly on you, Hydroguard™ helps BigShots resist water, sweat, wax, oil, and corrosion. Neckloop Compatibility for Wireless Connectivity
BigShots can be used to hear your smart phone, two-way radio, music player,  or most any device that is compatible with a wire neckloop (also called a telecoil.) Using a neckloop, you can hear your external device right in your ears, so you never need to compromise your protection to hear your external device (neckloop not included.) With the push of a button, BigShots lets you improve the sound quality by turning off the sound amplification and compression functions while taking a phone call. When done, simply push to restore amplification and compression, all without having to remove the device, so your hearing remains protected. BigShots are highly recommended for daily wear for those with mild hearing loss, and for anyone who needs protection for hunting, shooting, tactical surveillance, high noise workplaces, motorsports, home workshops, and other extreme noise situations. More Information
Big Shots Brochure (PDF)
Big Shots User Manual (PDF) More Hunter's Hearing Aids
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