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Alpine MotoSafe Race Motorcycle Ear Plugs (SNR 20)

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Alpine MotoSafe Race - Motorcycle Ear Plugs for Circuit Racing Discount pricing is available for volume orders. Please us for pricing. Alpine MotoSafe Race Ear Plugs are designed for motorcycle riders who are exposed to the most noise, particularly during circuit racing or while wearing an open helmet. Whether you are racing or just cruising on the expressway, MotoSafe Race ear plugs provide high noise attenuation for a safer, more relaxing ride. The amount of noise the average motorcyclist is exposed to is staggering. At 75mph highway speeds, a rider is exposed to about 98 decibels of noise, the worst of which comes from the wind rushing by. That much racket causes noise fatigue, makes it hard to hear what's happening around you, and puts your hearing at risk; at those volumes, your ears could start to take permanent damage after just 7 minutes! Riders at the circuit can expect to frequently face even more hazardous noise levels. Cutting out all that incredible noise isn't just about enjoying the ride more - it's about keeping your hearing intact. MotoSafe Race ear plugs provide high attenuation, but they still allow you to clearly hear what is going on around you, preserving your situational awareness. This is critical for riding safely, because it lets you hear traffic and sirens and other sounds that keep you aware of your surroundings. Regular foam ear plugs can't compete. Everything about Alpine MotoSafe Race Earplugs was designed specifically for motorcyclists. The plugs are low-profile, so they fit nicely under helmets. Their internal noise filter is actually flexible, a new feature that makes these plugs much more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill natural sound ear plug. Their thermo-reactive material softens in response to body heat and molds to fit your ear canal perfectly, so the ear plugs stay firmly in place. And the included insertion tool makes an easy-to-use ear plug design even faster to put in. Alpine MotoSafe Race Ear Plugs include one pair of ear plugs with SNR 20 noise filters, one insertion tool, and a free handy storage bag. Toss your Race earplugs in your bag or clip them onto your keys so they're always ready to go when you are. These ear plugs are reusable and can last for months or even years. Alpine MotoSafe Model Comparison: Tour vs Race vs Pro MotoSafe Race Attenuation Data Alpine MotoSafe Race - What's in the Box Need Casual Protection for Touring? If you do not race or wear an open helmet, and you just want to safely enjoy the open road and relax, consider the MotoSafe Tour. These offer all the same excellent features of the Race, but they provide only medium noise attenuation at SNR 17. This is just the right amount of hearing protection for cruising the freeway or riding across the countryside. For professional drivers, the MotoSafe Pro, which allows you to choose the correct noise attenuation for every situation, is highly recommended. See Also