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Alpine FlyFit Flying Ear Plugs (NRR 11)

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Discount pricing is available for volume orders. Please us for pricing. Alpine FlyFit flying earplugs feature special acoustic filters that protect you against excessive noise on the plane, but still let you converse freely with fellow passengers and flight attendants. FlyFit ear plugs also regulate the movement of air out of the ear during takeoff and into the ear during descent to reduce the often painful effects of pressure changes during airplane travel. By regulating the flow of air in the outer ear, the inner ear has more time to adjust, and the pain and pressure accompanying altitude changes are greatly reduced for most people. The combination of pressure management and noise reduction greatly enhances the comfort of most flying passengers, letting your arrive at your destination more relaxed and feeling better. The two-flange tapered design fits most people from about 12 years of age through adult. More Pressure-Regulating Ear Plugs