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E-A-R ARC Double-End Welder's Ear Plugs w/Case and Removable Cord

NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For a new and improved version, please see the Combat Arms Gen4. E-A-R ARC Welder's earplugs are dual sided for two kinds of protection on the factory floor, in the field, or in the home shop. The yellow side features Hear-Through and instant protection, allowing workers to hear conversation, signals, and other critical sounds clearly, without impairment. If an arc flash occurs, the calibrated noise filter acts instantly to suppress the noise to a safer level, with no dangerous delay -- reducing the chance of hearing damage or concussive disorientation. The red side provides constant hearing protection (NRR 22) with no Hear-Through, for situations in which constant protection from extended exposure to hazardous noises is vital. Each pair of ARC Plugs comes with a handy earplug carrying case for storage and portability. See detailed product information sheet.
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