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3M E-A-R Hi Fi Reusable Triple-Flange Ear Plugs 410-3019 (NRR 12)

Item Code: c3m4103019hifipr-000
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These reusable Hi Fi ear plugs are an excellent solution for musicians, music educators, and fans. With a popular triple-flange design, 3M Hi Fi ear plugs fit comfortably, they are simple to insert, and they create a good acoustic seal against noise. What makes these Hi Fi ear plugs so great for music is the way they block sound: these plugs reduce noise levels evenly across all audible frequencies, so you can "turn down" the volume without distorting the music. A must-have for musicians and frequent concert-goers. Without the muffled feeling some foam ear plugs can cause, and without sound distortion, you can enjoy your music to the fullest while protecting your ears with 3M Hi Fi ear plugs. This same sound clarity makes 3M Hi Fi ear plugs a great choice for other applications including work, study, and relaxation -- any situation in which you need to block out some sound, but still need to be totally aware of what's happening around you. Product Model #: 410-3019
3M ID: 70071521614
UPC#: 10080529905908