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3M E-A-R Military Skull Screws No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs Corded, Bright Yellow - 370-1017 (NRR 30)

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3M E-A-R Military Skull Screws No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs are corded and come in a bright yellow color. These Military Skull Screws ear plugs feature a fun, unique, threaded "screw" design which allows you to simply push and twist the plugs into your ears for easy insertion. As with all no-roll foam ear plugs, Skull Screws do not require any rolling to put them in -- you just use the stem to "screw" the soft foam ear plugs into your ear canals. This helps to keep the ear plugs clean and hygienic since you never need to touch the foam with your fingers, and it makes proper fitting a snap! The twisting motion required to insert these ear plugs can also help ensure an optimum seal against noise, while the threaded screw design works to keep the plugs from falling out of your ears.

With easy no-roll insertion, NRR 30 hearing protection, and their high-visibility bright yellow color, Military Skull Screws are perfect for shooting and hunting, military training, firing ranges, flight decks, and a variety of other noise protection applications.

3M E-A-R Military Skull Screws Foam Ear Plug Features:

  • Fun and effective "screw" design for easy twist-and-push insertion
  • No-roll insertion stem keeps foam plugs cleaner and more hygienic
  • Bright yellow color
  • Corded ear plugs
  • NRR 30

NSN: 6515-01-576-8796

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